Wholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans

working capital loansWholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans can enable your business to get working capital when and where you need it most. Traditional lenders require good credit, grade your resume, want two years of financial paperwork, and collateral. Plus they want a detailed detailed business plan how the funds are going to be used. The application typically takes 40+ hours to complete. If you are approved it can be a month or longer before you get the funding you need. If you have any issues the application is denied. Rejection rates have been roughly above 80% over the past several years with SBA loans.

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Wholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans – industry profile

Wholesaler Distributor working capital loans

The primary function of Wholesalers and Distributors are to move product from manufacturer to the market. This service based industry is a highly fragmented business sector, with 50 of the largest distributors generating 25 percent of industry revenue. The wholesale business is all about volume. Purchasing in bulk results in lower prices leading to higher profits.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, wholesalers do not normally use advertising directed to the general public. Customers are generally reached initially via telephone, marketing, or by specialized advertising that may include Internet and other electronic means.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission limitations or dealing contracts between manufacturers and retailers are common and is generally lawful. In simple terms, an exclusive agreement prevents a distributor from selling the products of a different manufacturer, and a requirements contract prevents a manufacturer from buying inputs from a different supplier.

Wholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans – opportunities for growth

Wholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans can help with your funding needs and allow things to run smoothly. One of the biggest challenges for this business is minimizing the time between receipt of an order and receipt of the goods from the manufacturer to the end user. Allocating capital, operating efficiently and turning inventory over quickly are the keys to making money in this industry. This can be difficult to do for small to medium sized businesses with limited capital.

wholesaler distributor working capital loans

Wholesale Distributor Working Capital Loans – capital without the hassle

Wholesale Distributor Working Capital LoansWe provide a business friendly alternative to traditional bank loans for establish businesses.  Our simple method allows us to be flexible on credit history checks and avoid the unlimited documents connected to your approval. Funding from $5000 to $500,000. Rate and term is dependent on the performance of the business. The amount capital that can be borrowed is dependent on the monthly deposits. There is very little paperwork involved this is the main reason why the application process is so quick.

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