Business Loans with Low Credit

When business owners are seeking Business Loans with Low Credit, typically they require the money as quick as possible. If there are negative items on the credit report resulting in a low score. Unfortunately bad credit can prevent being approved for a low interest rate or long term loan.

We provide quick funding unsecurred small business loans that do not require any collateral or personal assets of the owner. Because of this rates are typically higher with shorter repayment terms. Your business needs to have enough cash flow each month to make payments. Failure to repay the loan could damage your credit score, ruin your relationship with lenders, plus make it much harder to qualify for financing in the future.

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Business Loans with Low Credit – Rate and Terms

Business Loans with Low Credit can vary in terms, rates, and funding amounts. Depending on your monthly revenue, credit score and industry type. Our minimum requirements is that you in business for at least 3 months.  A credit score of at least 500, and you have more than $7,500 gross monthly deposits into a bank account dedicated to your business.

The loan amount is determined by 60% to 80% of the monthly cash flow. Rates are factored by the qualifying amount vs. the amount funded (debt ratio). Other factors includethe type of business, plus any overdrafts. Shorter payback terms have lower fees with higher payments. Longer payback terms have higher fees with lower payments. Deal killers include defaulting or modification of recent previous business loan. Plus excessive defaults or bounced checks.

Renewal Feature of Unsecurred Business Loans

At the midpoint of the Business Loan with a history of on time payments. The borrower can be eligible to renew the loan for additional capital at better rates. If there are low credit issues, this can be a huge benefit be taking a smaller loan amount initially. After reaching the renewal point, renewing loan for more working capital at a better rate. We can review your credit profile with you and advise steps you can take to repair your credit.

Learn How to Quickly Fix Your Credit

If you’re a business owner seeking Business Loans with Low Credit, You should be making an effort to repair your bad credit.  You should check your credit report at least once a year.  Actively taking steps toward improvement your credit will benefit you and your business in the long-run.

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