Our simple method for small business funding allows reduced documentation, lower credit requirements, quick processing and fast funding.  The amount capital that can be borrowed is dependent on the monthly cash flow over a three month period.  Funding is unrestricted, therefore it is up to you how to use the funds.  This can easily help increase your working capital.

Small Business Funding

Complete short application.

Small Business Funding

Provide business bank statements.

Small Business Funding

Quick approvals and fast funding.

Alternative Financing Advantages

Alternative financing advantages can solve your working capital deficiency more effectively than banks.  Financing with an alternative lender, loans are judged on business cash flow.  There is no required business plan, funds can be used for a variety of purposes.  Many companies choose to finance their everyday operations with working capital loans. It is easy and a simple way to secure funding quickly without having to wait weeks for a decision. Contrary to traditional bank loans, having monthly installments and longer terms. Working capital loans are characterized with regular micro payments and shorter terms.  More and more business owners are turning to alternative lending, staying clear of SBA denials, plus producing on a long list of qualifications. Click link to learn more about Alternative Financing Advantages.

Cash Flow Loans

Cash flow loans are designed as short-term solutions for businesses that need of money to help run their operation. It is completely up to the owner how they wish to utilize the money. We do not require any plan or purpose for cash to be deposited directly into a business account. For more information see our INDUSTRY PAGE and select type of business.

Small Business Funding

Small Business Funding

Loans For Bad Credit

We provide business loans for bad credit. Owners should be able to get needed funds quickly based on the strength of their business, not on their personal credit score. Evaluating each individual to ensure our clients are matched with a program that best meets their current financial needs.

Financial Assistance

Financial assisitance to grow your working capital. Ultimately providing guidance on ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.  We understand that we must listen to you, anticipate your challenges, and act to create value in your eyes to earn your business. We are always looking for new opportunities to innovate our process to benefit our clients. 

Business Analysis

Business analysis to guide your decisions and actions for short-term and long-term growth. Business strategies can be seen as actions  to address your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  Strategies consequently involve setting goals and determining steps how your end objective is achieved.

Small Business Funding

Working Capital Management

Small Business Funding

Working capital management is a major factor to your success as a business owner. Our team has formal educations in Accounting and Business Management. This includes backgrounds in private and commercial loans, stock market, loss litigation, credit repair, and real estate. We have hands-on experience with various industries and business matters to understand your individual situation. Our expertise qualifies us to act as your adviser by supporting, identifying, and determining the right strategies to provide successful solutions, in securing the capital you need to grow your business.  Find out more ABOUT US

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